Some people have sympathy but no empathy. Some people have both sympathy and empathy. And, there are others who have both sympathy and empathy and then go all the way out to assist others in whatever way they can. Most of us have a few of such friends.

On the contrary, there are also people who have neither sympathy nor empathy. But the worst kind of people are those who have neither sympathy nor empathy and then go all the way out to hurl criticisms or making premature judgements at other people without knowing the real reasons. It’s really depressing especially when these privileged people degrade underprivileged people for wanting to better their lives. Such people are pathetic because they have high IQ but very low EQ – and the few things they brought back home after years of education are a couple of vulgarities and a load of arrogance. Period.”

This post was in response to an attack by a so-called PhD holder for a request that a friend (also a PhD holder) made on my behalf on Facebook. It was uncalled for. I was really pissed off, hurt and disappointed by his comments and the use of vulgarities. My friend advised me to ignore his comments saying that that is his personality and he has been like that since their school days.

I refrained myself for sometime but I know I cannot leave it like that. I have to get back at this guy not out of revenge but to remind him about humility and to stop him from hurting others.

But to ‘honor’ my friend’s advice, I didn’t reply to his post directly but rather posted the above note on my own wall and tag my friend.

I just hope he understood my post and stop his arrogant behavior.  Holding a PhD doesn’t give him the right to criticize other people.  He is nothing but a mere human being.

 “And do not walk upon the earth exultantly. Indeed, you will never tear the earth [apart], and you will never reach the mountains in height.” (Holy Quran: 17:37)



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