Keep it open

Don’t restrict your life to dreams, wishes and aspirations.  Life is bigger than that. Anything can happen and will happen, with the will of God.

If your dreams don’t come true, don’t be sad.  Create other dreams.  Create new dreams. Expand your mind and widen your vision.  A dream is just a visionary creation of your imagination. So don’t distress yourself if it doesn’t materialize.  Maybe it needs to be corrected or improved or modified.  So go on, envision and conjure up new ones.

If your wishes are not fulfilled, don’t be angry.  Leave them aside.  Work on other wishes.  I’m sure you have tons of them.  Revel on the ones that have been fulfilled and be appreciative. If all your wishes are fulfilled, then you will not want to wish anymore and your life will stop. And you will rot.  So, go on, wish some more.

If you don’t achieve your aspirations, don’t fret.  There are an abundance of opportunities out there waiting to be grabbed.  The world is laden with them. Go out and seek.  Don’t stay indoors and mope all day. Your aspirations can come in many ways and from any directions.  Don’t stick to one opportunity. If one doesn’t work, try another.  Soon, and sooner, you will find the best opportunity that will make you achieve your aspirations.

Dream first, then make it into a wish. Work your wish and turn it into an aspiration.  If it doesn’t work, it’s okay.  Disentangle yourself.  It’s an open world.  You won’t enjoy it unless you open yourself up. Don’t restrict yourself.





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