One of my favorite hobbies is crochet.  I’m just a beginner but I love making simple things.  I’m not too keen on difficult stuffs though.  It’s kind of therapeutic, just sitting down and crochet, or doing it while watching television or movie on my laptop.  I’ve made simple stuffs like caps and baby vests, coasters or small table tops, something like that.  I’ve tried doing adult vests or cardigans but gave up due to the complex nature of doing the shoulder or sleeves.  However, I’m in the process of doing a vest right now and I hope I am persistent enough to carry on and continue till it’s fully done.

Vest - back

This is the partially completed vest – the back.

And here are my other products.  Not first class, but I think it’s passable for a beginner.  There are more but I do not know where the pictures are.  I’ll look for them.

crochet 2012

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