When my daughter was younger, since the age of 7, she started a habit of collecting coins.  Wherever and whenever she found coins lying around, she would pick them up and put them in her own coin box.  She has a higher affinity to $1 coin and 50 cent coins. So, besides saving her own pocket money from her weekly allowance, she would take coins, unclaimed, lying on the TV, on the kitchen table, on the shoe rack, on the TV cabinet, the sofa, the dresser table and even in plastic bags fresh from the grocer.  She would normally asked me first if she could take it and I never said no to her.  She continued to save them and when her coin box was full to the brim, (usually within 3 to 4 months), she would take them out and count.  And then she would give to her daddy in exchange for notes. Daddy was always more than willing to humor her.  Brilliant idea isn’t it?  Nevertheless, I predicted that she would stop once she reaches her teens.  Well!  She didn’t.

When we moved to Egypt, she was 14 years old.  One year passed and I totally forgot about this habit of hers.  I thought she has grown out of it.  But to my surprise, she came up to me one day, after about a year and a half, and gave all these coins to me and asked me to tell daddy to please give her notes.  I was impressed and very proud of her.  My prediction about her was totally wrong.  Unpredictability in people’s behavior is astonishing.

That’s 240 Egyptian pounds worth of coins.  Considered a large amount in Egypt.



5 thoughts on “Savings”

  1. Yes mom, I remember loving those coins very much. Sadly hard times have struck and I believe I only possess 2.5 pounds this day. It really is quite unfortunate! Alas, I await the bounty of coins that I may call my own in the future! Hooray! Hip-Hip Hooray!

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  2. Saving lost coins is a habit I share. Those discarded pennies and nickels in the parking lot, as well as vending machines and the change chutes at the grocery store as well as the coin cashing machines at the credit union have all proven to be profitable. Those forgotten pennies in the parking lot, vending machines and the change chutes I collect them and put them into my college tuition fund. Free Money is good!

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