Sharm El Sheikh

Before I came to Egypt, I’ve heard so much of Sharm El-Sheikh, from my husband and from the media. I’d view pictures of it in the internet and marvel at its beauty. Secretly, I planted in my mind that I would visit it one day.

After living 4 years in Egypt, my dream to visit Sharm El-Sheikh finally came true. Not that we never thought of going there those 4 years, but due to political instability, housing issues, kids’ schooling, my own job and my husband’s busyness in building our house and setting up his business, we postponed our wish from one year to another.  And the beauty about it was that my husband planned it exactly on our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I was deeply touched by his sweetness.

The beauty of Sharm can be seen miles before we actually reached it. Along the 5-hour drive we saw a long stretch of greenish-blue, sparkling sea, against the gorgeous blue, clear sky. The 5-hour drive was not tiring nor boring at all.  The panoramic view was intoxicating.

The thing that struck me most besides its beauty is its cleanliness.  Unlike many parts of litter-ridden Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen. It’s practically spotless, anywhere and everywhere.

I won’t say anymore of Sharm El-Sheikh’s beauteousness. Just browse through the gallery and judge for yourself.



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