Unpredictability is demoralizing but predictability is debilitating.

When you are not sure what’s going to happen, it worries you, paralyzes you and scares you and ultimately makes you back out.

When you know what’s going to happen to you, it debilitates you.  It makes you complacent as you know it’s going to happen.  It will not make you want to work hard nor be creative.

There is no middle line.  You cannot predict your life nor can you not predict it.  Prediction itself is unpredictable. Sometimes you predict something positive, sometimes negative.  Nobody knows for sure how to predict accurately.

But one thing good about unpredictability is that it keeps people moving.  It makes people work hard. It brings out the creativity in people.  It brings out the best among people.  Unpredictability about life makes people dream and wish.  And it makes people persevere to get what they dream or wish for.  And this is what life is all about.



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