Why do people like to blame others in times of crisis?  Why do people blame others for things that do not happen as per their liking?  Nobody is in control of anything.  Nobody is in control of what happens today, or what had happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.  NOBODY.  So why blame others?  Yes, people make mistakes.  But that doesn’t mean he and only he should be blamed for what happened.

Why must we always search for scapegoats?  Why must we point fingers at others?  We point one index finger to another person, four fingers point towards us.  So, we are also partly to be blamed.  But do we blame ourselves?  No – it’s always others’ mistakes.  We are faultless.  We are flawless.

Finger pointing

That’s not fair. That’s not fair at all.  To always blame others means we think so highly of ourselves, that we don’t make mistakes.  That we are infallible.  That’s ‘bull’.

No one person is responsible for anything that happens.  There will always be a second, third, fourth etc…. party who is/are involved.  Because we are social beings.  We are connected and interconnected with each other.  What one person does, it will affect another one, two, three or more people.  That’s how life is.  We don’t live individually.  When we make a decision, it affects more people than we know or realize.  When we make a decision, it’s also based on many other interconnected reasons, which involves many other people than we know.  So, when a crisis comes up, is it because of one individual’s mistake?

Come on people, in times of crisis, why don’t each one of us take responsibility and help out? Instead of blaming others, ask ourselves “what did we do to contribute to that crisis?”  Offer a kind word, a helping hand, a pat on the person’s back, or a hug, instead of shouting, cursing or hurling vulgarities.  Tell that person ‘it’s okay’ or ‘I’ll help you out’ or ‘I think I’m partly to be blamed’ instead of ‘I told you so’ or ‘Why did you do that?” or “Why didn’t you do that?”

Seriously, if you stop blaming others in times of crisis, your family, your social, and your work lives will be much more harmonious and peaceful.

“I know I’m guilty of this sometimes.  And it’s a reminder to me more than to other people.”


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