Praise the boy

I was teaching Grade 7 students a Grammar lesson on ‘Principal Parts of a Verb’ and we were orally discussing the answers to one of the exercises.  Pupils were supposed to determine whether the verb in the sentences should be in the past form (and they should give me the answer ‘PAST’) or the past participle form (and they should give me the answer PP – short for Past Participle).

Before we could start, a polite and timid boy, K, put up his hand and asked if he could go to the bathroom. As we only had 5 minutes left before the bell rang, I told him to hang on until we complete the exercise.  He didn’t have any problem and agreed.  So, off we went answering question by question.  Finally, we reached the last question and unconsciously, I called out the same boy, K, to answer the last question.  I said, “So, K, should the answer be PAST or PP?”  He answered “PP” and winced.  Forgetting about his earlier request, I was wondering why he winced and thought he was unsure of his answer.  So I asked him, “Are you sure it’s PP?”

Then, a loud-mouthed boy beside him said to me, “Mrs, he wants to pee-pee.”  And so the whole class roared in laughter as I quickly shooed the boy out.  Praise to that loud-mouthed boy for reminding me.



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