Painting a good picture of yourself

Being a mother and a teacher is not easy because every minute of your life, you are being watched and observed by little human beings around you.  So, whatever we say or do, will influence and affect these kids.  The scary part is when these kids emulate our behavior, words, actions and reactions. How do we behave in times of adversities or when we are faced with crisis?  Are we patient or impetuous?  Are we tolerant or uncomplaining?  If we portray a positive reaction, then no problem.  But if it’s something negative, then we have the responsibility to help that child unlearn whatever negative thing he/she has taken from us.

Having said that, to paint a good picture of ourselves in front of kids 16-20 hours per day is not an easy task.  After all, we are only humans and we have feelings and we have thresholds whereby if the thresholds are reached, we will blow up.  And that’s when we don’t want our kids to see our true unpainted picture.  The best thing is to always take the middle road.  When things happen, do not over-react (do not over-paint yourself) but do not under-react either.  Over-reacting will create more problems.  Under-reacting can be misinterpreted by kids that we do not care or we do not bother.  And that’s also wrong.

Honesty is very important in whatever situations we are in.  If we have over-reacted, explain why and apologize.  If we have under-reacted, also explain why and apologize if necessary.  Once things are clear, kids will better understand and in this way, they will learn what is right and what is wrong.



2 thoughts on “Painting a good picture of yourself”

  1. To he honest I do not think “Under-reacting can be misinterpreted by kids that we do not care or we do not bother.” I think constantly under-reacting is like any other facade people put up to show they are handling things well and have got things under control. It shows the children that the mother or teacher can overcome anything and nothing could possibly affect them. This might be a good thing as it is an example for the young kids to be strong in times of hardship. However, it may also lead the children to think that you do not have any problems and that your life is a lot more easier and relaxing that it really is. Then, when they have problems of their own, they may falter and be unsure how to go about dealing with it because all they ever saw the adults do was smile and exude happiness and look at ease all the time. Therefore, like always, I think this is a tricky situation to be in.


    1. Of course there are various interpretations as to under-reacting. My point is that under-reacting can lead to misinterpretation. Whatever the misinterpretation is, it is still not good. That’s why it’s called MISinterpretation. In either way, the kids are affected in a negative way. What you mentioned is true and it is negative because we give a simplistic view of life to the kids and they believe everything is easy and they will lead a carefree life without thinking of anything else.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Point taken and noted.

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