Painting is my daughter’s favorite past-time when she was younger.  Some of her paintings were recognized by the school and she has won few prizes.  Living things were the objects of her paintings in those days and I enjoyed watching her paint.  These are some of her artworks.

The flamingo artwork is a joint project by a group of students in her Art Club in primary school.  It was submitted to the Singapore Youth Festival Art Competition and it won them the third prize.  The title is ‘Pretty in Pink’.

However, over the years, her interest changes.  Not only the object of her artwork has changed from living things to non-living things but the medium has also changed from color pencils, paints and crayons to basic pencil.  These are some of her products.


She is still unsure of what she wants to do in the future.  She likes law and journalism but ends up signing up for Architecture in college.  My wish is just to see her do whatever she wants to do as long as she is happy and contented.




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