Maybe I’ll see you again! (The Mango Chronicle)




I used to be a mango,

but now I’m lack of flesh.

Somebody has just satisfied his ego,

and now I’m left beside the trash.



It’s mango season again, (in Egypt)

and everybody’s on a buying spree.

Noises everywhere as people bargain,

Somebody’s asking “Can I get some for free?”



It looks like I’m gone,

So now I wave you goodbye.

My heart feels forlorn,

as I see my whole life pass by.


But Wait!

Aint I the miracle seed,

that has the potential to be a tree again?

Plus the ability to breed,

big, ripe mangoes all over again?


Yes, that’s right!

From a small seed to a seedling,

then a big tree that starts flowering.

With the bees and butterflies fluttering,

My flowers will start pollinating.


Oh Yes!

The bud will swell up and my flowers drop down.

My fruits will be ripe as the sun goes up and down.

The whole tree will be laden with yellow gold and brown.

I’m like a pot of gold with birds singing on its crown.


Oh Yes! Reincarnation strikes again,

and it looks like I’m here to remain,

Making poems that entertain,

MAYBE I’ll see you again!!!


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