Tips on how to enliven your language classroom

Many students find learning language boring and difficult, especially if they have no motivation and the language learning is part of the curriculum and not their choice.

So how can teachers ensure that language learning is effective and beneficial to students?

I’ve compiled here some webpages on strategies of how to enliven your language classroom so as to motivate students to be more participative and successful in their language learning.  These tips can be used for any language, be it English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish or Russian.

For elementary and lower middle school, no. (1) and (2) would be very suitable while (3), (4) and (5) would be more suitable for upper middle and high school.






In my own classroom, I’ve used a variety of ways to entice my students in their English Language learning.  These are my proven strategies:

1) Art

Art is a big part of my lesson.  I infuse Art in my lessons to provide hands-on activity for my students.  If you browse through my blog, you can see lots of ways in which I use Art in my lessons.  Click on this link to see some of my Art projects which I infuse with Reading/Literature/Grammar lessons. or click on the ‘PROJECT’ tab at the top of the page.

2)  Role-Play

I use role-playing to encourage pupils to speak and practice on their pronunciation.  Normally I do not correct them on the spot if they make a mistake on the pronunciation but I would take note and then after the role-play is completed, I will write down the mispronounced words and I will go through with the class – helping them to pronounce the word correctly.  In this way, I do not embarrass any kid by pin-pointing his/her error during the role-play.


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