Be NICE – Life is complicated enough

One of the reasons why altercations, fights, crimes, divorces and wars occur is because we are too proud and not patient enough.  We are too proud to acknowledge our mistakes, to give way to people, to oblige others and help or to apologize. We are also impatient and unreasonable when faced with crisis and problems.

Life is complicated enough.  Bury our pride, be accommodating, reasonable, humble, amiable, and obliging.  Admit our mistakes and apologize.  Make peace.  Stop all bad thoughts and feelings.  There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain if we become accommodative and humble.

Being accommodating means willing to do what someone else wants or requests.  As long as the requests are reasonable and doable, why not just do it?  It will not hurt our pride, in fact, it boosts our honor and respect.  Being accommodating also means willing to please.  Some people think that by doing what other people want or pleasing somebody, it means you are weak and are a slave to that person.  That is not true at all.  Obliging someone doesn’t mean you are enslaving yourself to him or her.  It just means that you are a kind, responsible and helpful person and your main objective is to make other people happy.

But of course, there is always a limit to everything.  We cannot be too accommodating or obliging until other people step on our heads and really enslave us to his/her whims and fancies.  There is a always a stop button and the other person needs to be told that.

Be a dovish not a hawkish.  A dovish is one who takes a conciliatory attitude and advocates negotiations and compromises.  A hawkish, on the other hand, is one who takes a militant attitude and advocates immediate vigorous actions – a supporter of a war or warlike policy.  This is what is happening now.  There are too many hawkish people around at the top.

flying-dove     VERSUS     SwainsonHawk

If everybody knows this particular tip, living with other people will be much more bearable and peaceful.  There will be fewer fights and less heart-aches.  There will be more happy faces and peace will prevail.

So, people, be nice because life is complicated enough.



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