Now you see me, now you don’t!

This fancy pigeon is gorgeous.  One of my husband’s favorites.  It has a feathery mane like the lion.  But sometimes it’s cheeky and loves to hide his face from view.  Maybe he’s shy because he knows we are admiring him. Or maybe, he’s just having fun playing hide and seek.  But at times he is proud and showy and will fluff up his feathers and strut around.


This type of pigeon is identified as a jacobin (read more from this website:

jacobin pigeon

It’s definitely fun to watch them.




2 thoughts on “Now you see me, now you don’t!”

  1. What a beautiful pigeon with a beautiful coat of feathers. Maybe he does not like to be the centre of attention and prefers peace and quiet. I am sure you feed him well and he puts up with you 😀


    1. Yes. I love looking at it but I don’t and can’t touch animals. My husband and son feed the pigeons and take care of them very well. Maybe if I can, I’ll take pictures of other species in our collection. There are a fanciful diversity of pigeons. Our enclosure is big and the pigeons can walk and fly around freely. Thanks for stopping by.

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