Ghost playing with me

Back in my old house, I always felt there was something not right in my house – I always felt there was something else in there, especially when I was alone.  I would feel there was something behind me and I would turn around suddenly to catch ‘it’ though I wasn’t sure I was really ready to see whatever it was..

At night, whenever I slept alone and my husband was out of the country, sometimes, strange things happened.  In my country, the weather could change very, very quickly from hot to cold, especially when it rains.  So, usually I would have my robe hanging on the clothes rack in my room.

One night, the weather was extremely, extremely hot and humid, so I slept with just my light nightdress and the aircon was turned on.  In the middle of the night, exactly at, I woke up feeling very, very hot and my wet hair was sticking to my neck and face.  I got up and found myself wearing my thick robe over my light nightdress and the aircon was turned off (it was not on a timer).  I felt so puzzled and kept asking myself whether I had woken up and turned off the aircon and worn the robe.  I couldn’t remember anything and thought I must have done it in my sleep, unconsciously.

A few days later, it was raining really, really heavily with strong winds, thunder and lightning.  Again, my husband was not around that night.  So, I put on some thick clothes and wore a robe over it and then went to sleep.  I remembered it very clearly that I really had worn thick clothes and a robe before I slept.

I woke up suddenly from sleep shivering so badly that my teeth were clattering.  I hugged myself trying to keep warm and was looking for my blanket when I looked at myself and saw that I was only wearing my light nightdress and my robe was hanging neatly on its normal rack.  And then I realized the aircon was on at full blast.  Again I was bewildered and puzzled.  But one look at the clock made me realize it was not a coincidence.  The clock showed exactly 2.00 am.

This incident scared me so badly that I really believed there was a ghost playing with me inside my own house and inside my room.  It took me quite a while to go back to sleep but I managed to sleep nevertheless.

Days later, while talking to my kids, my son told me that he had been seeing faces on the curtains in his room before sleeping.  The faces would be smiling and grinning at him.  I asked him why he didn’t tell me or his dad about it, he answered that he wasn’t scared.

I realized that I actually wasn’t scared either on those two nights.  A typical reaction would be to scream at the top of my voice and run out of the room.  But I didn’t and I was calm and cool and in fact could fall back to sleep.  (Of course, I was mumbling and chanting some prayers under my breath – just in case the thing decided to pop his/her face).

These two particular incidences really stick in my mind and I couldn’t forget it till now. Sometimes, nowadays, when I remember the incidents, my hair at the back of my neck would stood on ends and I’d have goosebumps.  But I’m glad that it didn’t really affect me that much.  For me, as long as these beings do not endanger my life as well as my family’s lives, I prefer to just forget about it and lead a normal life.

Throughout the 11 years I stayed in that house, there were other scary incidences.  But I think these 2 stories would suffice for now.


2 thoughts on “Ghost playing with me”

  1. Scary! I find that experiences like these happen in places I stay in for a long time. Never have I had a freaky encounter in a random hotel on a road trip, and the one time I freaked out at my grandparents’ place was when I had stayed there for a month.

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    1. Oh! I’m the direct opposite. I can sense if a new place is ‘okay’ or not. When I was younger, there would be new places where I went to and I wouldn’t be able to sleep the first night the whole night and I’d be sweating and shivering even if the weather was cold. It could be a hotel, a relative’s house, a campsite or even dormitories in my college days. But after the first night, it’d be okay. Some people say it’s nervousness related to new places. I call it my beloved sixth sense. ☺️


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