The perfect decision

Sometimes you thought you have made a perfect decision and you’re so jubilant and so proud of it.  For example taking up that new job, buying that new dress or car or piece of jewelry or the spouse that you picked. However, along the way, when some calamity befalls you, you start to realize and actually said -‘I shouldn’t have bought that or chosen that or involved myself in that’.  In your mind’s eye, you feel that you’ve actually made the wrong decision.  This feeling of regret gnaws you so much that you just want to get rid of that particular thing or that particular person that has caused you more pain than pleasure.

However, not all things (or people) can be disposed easily. For example that big expensive car, your spouse, your mother-in-law, your boss, your job, or simply your work. You have commitments and you can’t just leave and see goodbye or dump these things somewhere and carry on with your life. You just can’t.

And then when we can’t dispose off these things, we start to compare ourselves to others or other people’s situations – claiming our life is so bad and we are so unlucky. And we see the grass to be always greener on the other side compared to our own grass.

Now if you have ever felt these things before, there’s only one thing that you must remember: You are not alone.

EVERYBODY has challenges in their lives. EVERYBODY FEELS that they have made somewhat wrong decisions in their lives. I included the word ‘FEEL’ because I want to stress that sometimes we feel it’s the wrong decision when faced with difficulties associated with that decision but is it really?  Sometimes in the end, it turns out to be good and it’s a real blessing instead of a curse. Just because we had some petty arguments with our spouse we start to regret marrying him or her. Just because our mother-in-law criticized our cooking, we regret inviting her to dinner. Just because you have problems with one or two colleagues, we should have quitted the job.

No, instead we should always take everything that we have gone through as useful lessons in our lives. Put in your mind’s eye that problems are not always bad. Take these incidences of altercations, accidents, bad remarks, comments, heartaches as life lessons which we should keep in our portfolio.  We should use these problems as lessons so that we don’t make the same mistake again.  Or use them to change our own personality and character – we try to become more patient, compassionate, humble, more responsible, and more determined to achieve whatever we wish for. Use these bad experiences as platforms to perform better and build up our character to be a better individual, a better mom, co-worker, wife, son or daughter-in-law, teacher, lawyer or whatever it is.

The only thing you shouldn’t feel is REGRET. Because every ordainment in our lives is a blessing. Either the blessing provides us with happiness and attainment of something we like OR it’s a chance for us to learn something new and gain an experience which will soon benefit us in the future.


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