Rare Spotting (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Went to the Giza Zoo, Egypt today.  Spotted this signboard and thought it was a cool name.  When I was looking at the birds, I got a rare treat.


Spotted this very rare scene of 2 love birds in action.  Very cute.

Love birds

Close up picture.



Also spotted this cute gazelle look-a-like (can’t remember the label on the enclosure).  It was busy chewing and turning its head left to right.



When it saw that I was trying to take a photo of it, it stopped chewing and turning around and posed for me for a good few seconds, without blinking its eyes.  I got a few shots.


When it saw that I was done, it continued chewing and looking left to right and stopped for a while when my daughter tried to touch its nose. Very cute indeed.



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