The Problem with Youth

The problem with youth is that they don’t want to learn from their lessons.  Some people call it tenacity.  I call it stubbornness.  Tenacity means very determined to do something or not easily stopped or pulled apart; firm and strong (Merriem Webster definition).  I tend to relate tenacity to something good, like pursuing a degree, a medal, a win in a competition, a dream.  These pursuits require tenacity, determination, hard work and perseverance – continue and continue and not to give up.

But if it is doing something bad, it’s pure stubbornness, not tenacity. For example failure in exam due to not studying or working hard enough, continuing to smoke despite knowing that it can kill, ignoring cleanliness despite having had a bad diarrhea due to food contamination or poisoning, eating unhealthily even though knowing that it could lead to tons of illnesses and side effects.

That’s the big problem with youth. They are rash, impulsive, immature, irrational, illogical and sometimes compulsive.  They think of the present enjoyment or present objective of wanting to achieve something quickly.  They fail to think of the long run and they put aside all bad possibilities. Which means they are always optimistic.  They always feel NOTHING bad will happen to them.  For example, they think they will pass their examination next time (but still refuse to study), they will not get cancer or any illnesses from smoking, they will not get food poisoning again, they will not get fatter, they will not get sick, they can win the next medal etc.. Well, optimism is good, but not in this way.  This is pure craziness.

In life, we have to take precautions.  We have to listen to reminders and advices.  We have to learn from our bad lessons and abstain from repeating our mistakes.  That’s where true learning comes in.



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