Rare Combination

When I was in Secondary school through University, one of my motivations to study or write is colored pens and highlighters – green, purple, pink, orange, blue etc. And until now, when I teach, I still love colored pens and I have different types and brands of colored pens.


When I had children of my own, I used colored pens, highlighters and markers to encourage them to study, write and draw, since they were very young.  It worked.  It made them sit down for a good 1-1.5 hours – enough time for me to read to them, make them write and draw or color. Encouraging kids to do seat work for such duration is important to build up their discipline of being able to sit in their seats in school.  Nowadays, many students (even middle and high school) cannot sit in their seats for longer than 30 minutes.  They get restless and fidget a lot.  So it’s up to the teacher to change their strategies in class so as not to lose their attention.  Which is actually hard work for the teachers.

In class, I device a rewarding scheme – colored pens, markers and highlighters for good behavior, top in quizzes, full marks for spelling and many other things.  I also encourage my students to use different colored pens (except red) in their graphic organizers, or when making summaries or when copying notes, to delineate the important points from the non-important ones.  As far as I know, students enjoy doing it and studying from the colored notes is much better than facing lots of black, printed texts on pages of paper.

Besides colored pens, I love multicolored beads and gems – whether fake or real.


Thus, it’s a rare opportunity that I can get both all in one.  I’ll call it a rare combination like these.

They are just too lovely and I love them to pieces.


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