Stop by the sidewalk



As you go through life, once a while you need to stop walking and stand by the sidewalk to see which other way you can go.  You can’t just walk straight up ahead.  Maybe there are better opportunities across the road that you should consider taking.

Life is full of opportunities.  Some opportunities come knocking at your door but most need you to seek them out.  Most opportunities require you to go through certain obstacles. When you stand by the sidewalk and look across the street, you may see something that you like.  But you won’t be able to get it unless you cross the road.  To cross the road, you have to take care of the oncoming cars, from your left and right, as well as crazy drivers. Those are your obstacles.  If you are afraid to cross the road, you won’t be able to get that opportunity.  If you are brave enough, you’ll be able to reap that opportunity across the road.


The lesson here is that don’t just continue what you are doing monotonously.  Don’t be static.  Be open to new opportunities and developments.  Some individuals are like this.  They are so comfortable in their comfort zones.  They do not want to learn new stuffs or they get angry when they are asked to change their styles or to diversify.  Some others are too scared to try new things.  They are afraid to cross the road and go through life’s challenges.  Their lives will not change.  They will not learn new things nor reap new benefits.

For the rest of us, look for opportunities around you that can make your life better. Take up whatever opportunities you spot but be aware of the dangers and obstacles.  If it’s a busy road, laden with trailers and big trucks and buses or crazy drivers, you have to take extra precaution.  Weigh the dangers against the benefits.  Don’t just dive in.

But whatever it is, stop by the sidewalk, reflect and look around.  The world is abound with marvelous things, but only if you seek it.


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