Life is not easy.  Everybody can attest to that.  I have been stumped by countless afflictions and problems and still am.  Some of these problems stumped and baffled me, causing me to retreat and stop whatever I was doing.  But most made me more determined and I persevered till the end.  Despite suffering many scratches and injuries, I managed to scrape through and find success, true success.

Till very day, there are still many obstacles plaguing me, stumping me from achieving my dreams – either dreams for myself, for my children or for my family.  The worst part is when your own family members add in to your distress, and try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams or reprimand you for trying to grab something which, according to them, is out of my reach.  Tears and prayers are the order of the day, but I will not be discouraged.  Because I know there is a superior God out there who hear my supplications and understand my predicaments.

To those who try to discourage me : “I am not someone who gives up at the first appearance of a stumbling block.  I’m sorry – I’m not that person.  If you are, so be it.  But please don’t criticize me, reproach me or rebuke me for my persistence or try to make me believe that I cannot achieve what I am aiming for.”

To my readers, if you are in the same position as I am, support this post by liking it.  We need to tell those pessimists that we are not like them and that we will exert all efforts to achieve what we want to achieve.  They are not the provider in this world.  God is.  He hear my supplications and the supplications of the rest of us who are afflicted by life’s tribulations.  Success will come only to those who believe and to those who have convictions NOT to those who allow themselves to be stumped by obstacles.

Even a desert flower can blossom in the harshest of conditions.



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