When we talk about stylish, we always relate to fashion – clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and jewelries.  Well!  It need not have to be narrowly defined as that.

One can also be called stylish if he or she follows the current and popular style.  Style does not mean fashion only.  It includes everything such as how something is done, created, or performed, a particular form or design of something and a way of behaving or of doing things.  To own an IPad, Iphone, Samsung Notes, HP 360 Spectre is considered stylish.  To play tennis, golf, pak kor, skateboarding, or bungee jumping is also stylish.

The examples are limitless.  So, I don’t really understand why people make such a big deal with this word stylish whenever they see somebody is stylishly dressed – because I believe, everybody is stylish in their own way, their own hobbies, their own way of life.

For what I know, you and I are stylish, because blogging is the current popular style.



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