Jumping Jack Flash

I’m not sure if anybody remembers this movie of the above title which came out in 1986.  It starred Whoopi Goldberg and Jonathan Pryce.  Really loved that movie.  It was a funny yet an exciting spy movie.

Image result for jumpin jack flash movie

Here’s the synopsis for those who have not heard of this movie:

Terry Doolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) works with computers in a bank office. She routinely talks with others via her computer, but one day she connects with a mysterious user by the name of Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Jonathan Pryce). It takes her a while to decode his message, but Terry figures out that Jack is a British secret agent trapped behind enemy lines. Terry agrees to help him, but her activities attract the attention of the KGB, who want to know Jack’s real identity — and will kill to get it.

Educational value/Moral Lesson:

Discrimination:  Terri does not quite fit with the bank’s corporate image, despite being a good employee and well-liked by her co-workers. She is often chastised by her no-nonsense boss James Page (Peter Michael Goetz)

Stereotyping: Terry arrives at the restaurant where she and Jack had planned to have dinner together, but she becomes despondent when Jack never shows up. As the restaurant is closing, Peter arrives and tells Terry that Jack isn’t coming because of another engagement. Terry is crushed, but Peter comforts her, saying how much Jack wanted to see her.  (Terry thought that Jack did not want to meet her because she is African American and he, a white Brit.

Be a Good Samaritan:  When you know that someone is in trouble, help as best as you could, even though that person is not of the same race, same citizenship, same religion or same gender as you.  Humanity is not determined by these qualities.  (Of course, one must also weigh the risks and dangers before indulging in such acts – always call the authorities or the experts rather than doing it yourself)


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