Don’t pretend

My best friend and I often talk and lament over the fact that there are, among our friends, those who like to pretend that they care and love others, while in actual fact, they don’t.  I do not understand such behavior.  Why put up a double face?  Why talk and gossip so badly about another person but when they are in front of each other, they pretend that there are so much love and affection in them about the other.

“If they can do to other people, they can do to us too. I wonder what they say about us in front of others.” My best friend used to whine.  I would just respond to her that we can’t do anything much about this kind of people who like to backbite.  If they want to lead a pretentious way of life, that’s their choice.  If they want to wag their tongues around, it’s their business and it will only lead to their own downfall.  It reveals more about their own personality and character than the person they talk about.

I wonder why people make their lives difficult by thinking about other people.  Why can’t people be satisfied with what they have and not feel jealous of others?  Why can’t people not make premature judgement about others before knowing the full situation?  Why can’t we just have good thoughts about others?  We may never know the real story or situation unless we confront the respective person.  Telling tales behind others or making speculations or accusations without any basis is already very wrong.  But to pretend to love and care about another person is the ultimate deception.

It is kind of sad to live with this kind of people.  When we try to stop them from continuing to talk about the other, they will again pretend and say that they actually want to help the other party.  They are concerned about her.  Really?  This reminds me of a political cartoon that I discussed with my Grade 8 students last year.



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