Dilemmatic Dilemma

Most people think that a dilemma is a situation which involves a usually undesirable or unpleasant choice.  For example in the memoir by Richard Wright ‘The Rights to the Streets of Memphis’, Wright has to make a choice of either to go inside the house and get beaten by his mother (for running away from the bullies instead of confronting them) or face the bullies in the streets (and get beaten by them).  Now, both choices are equally bad – either way, Wright will surely get beaten.

However, contrary to people’s belief, a dilemma is not restricted to bad alternatives.  A dilemma can also include 2 very enticing choices and one does not know which one to choose as both are equally good.  For example, to me, a dilemma can also be having to choose between buying:

thissnickers3 or              img_7063.

Now take note – both are awesome alternatives.  But it is still considered a dilemma because I have to make a difficult choice.  (I can’t have both you see…..).

After deliberating and contemplating in front of the freezer in the store, I finally decided on the latter (as I’ve eaten the former one before) and my oh my, it was definitely one of the best choicest I have ever made.

What is distressing or tormenting about a dilemma is having to make a choice one does not want to make.  The key word or phrase in the definition of dilemma is ‘making a difficult choice’.  Making difficult choice does not always mean choosing ‘the lesser of 2 evils’.  Get it?

Now, let me enjoy my birthday cake ice cream.  Yummmmm!!!!


P/S:  I’m not a vocabulary specialist but at times, it’s good to debunk misconceptions with regards to the original meanings of words.

This ice-cream is perfect for those who love cakes and ice-creams.  I’m not really a fan of cakes but this ice-cream definitely brings a rapturous delight to me.  This is solely my opinion so try at your own risk….:)


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