Unfinished business



This is really a cute statue that I caught on camera from somebody’s garden.  Looking at the picture makes me conjure up a conversation.  Something about the state of human behavior and the kind of office politics happening in the working world nowadays.

“Come on have a seat both of you.  We surely have some unfinished business to discuss, haven’t we?”  said the frog in the middle.

“Let’s see – were you the one who said that I’m an overconfident, haughty and over-zealous person who’s trying to curry favor with the Assistant Director?”  continued the frog, directing his question to the frog on the right.

“And you….” turning his head to the frog on the left.  “Did you just comment to other staff that I’m overdressed?  Really?  You really think I’m overdressed?  But, what’s wrong if I am overdressed?  Did I hurt anybody with my overdressing?  Do you think my overdressing will overshadow your performance in this office?  Come on.  That’s ridiculous.”

“Well – I just want to say one thing to you guys.  Now pretend the water in this plate is a mirror.  Look at yourself in the water in this plate! Go on!  Take a look.  What do you see?  Do you see a peeeeerrrrrfect frog?  Do you?”

Turning to the other guy and passing the plate of water to him, the middle frog said,”What about you?  Look at yourself in the water.  Are you perfect?…..”

I assume your silence means ‘No, I’m not perfect’.  So, next time, look at yourself in the mirror first before commenting on other people.  You are not perfect.  I am not perfect. We have a job.  We either help each other or we don’t.  But we shouldn’t destroy other people.  So stop gossiping and backbiting other people. It is soooooo uncool.”

“I wish we could settle all our ‘unfinished business this way.”


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