Recipe for a long marriage

Attended the recording of ‘Live Kelly’ show today at the studio in Lincoln Avenue, Broadway early in the morning.  During the show, an elderly couple told Kelly that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary today.  When Kelly asked them what their secret was to a long marriage, the wife answered, “We never go to bed mad, and he hasn’t slept for 3 months.”  The audience laughed.

Hearing that answer (the first part) reminded me of a friend who told me almost the same thing.  Her own parents have been together, (not married because her father has a wife and he doesn’t want to divorce his first wife as it was an arranged marriage by his parents and he did not want to dishonor them.  Furthermore, they are Catholics.  The wife knew of her husband’s mistress and she accepted it although their sons couldn’t) for 33 years.  She told me that their secret was never to go to bed with an unfinished argument.  They always settle their arguments or disagreements within a few hours, make up, make peace and everything goes on as normal.  They could be shouting at each other or even threatening each other with knives, but it never gets out of hand, and they always make up before they go to sleep.

I believe there is a lot of truth with this recipe to a happy, long-lasting marriage.  Go to bed with no grudges or unfinished business.  Settle the arguments and sleep happily.  No heart ache, no tears on the pillow.  Wake up to a refreshing new day.

Me……Yes, I use this recipe too…….

{By the way….the guest of honor was Morgan Freeman………one of my favorite actors……my best friend in Egypt was dying of envy and almost wanted to end of friendship…..LOL….}




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