The Value of Punctuation

School was supposed to commence on Sunday, 18 September 2016.  On 17 September 2016, these are what transpired in a school’s Viber Message Platform:

Director (Mrs. D):  Don’t wanna start school.

Assistant Director (Mrs. R):  None of us wants Mrs. D.

Director (Mrs. D): “None of us want Mrs. D” :(.  Oh Mrs. R, you really mean this?

KG Principal (Mrs. N): Punctuation Mrs. R!!!!

HS Principal (Mr. S): Mrs. N, looks like someone else is on my Grammar Squad.

KG Principal (Mrs. N):  Yes!!!

Assistant Director (Mrs. R):  Still guys….don’t know exactly what punctuation mistakes I made in my statement…

Teacher (Ms. R.A.): None of us wants Mrs. D?  There should be a comma Mrs. R.  (“None of us wants, Mrs. D).

Assistant Director (Mrs. R):  Oh….I see….Sorry….Thanks Ms. R.A……fast typing….So sorry Mrs. D.


Punctuation is important guys………if you value your friendship…….and your job……

M Face-7 by inky2010



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