6 thoughts on “My first breakthrough”

  1. I thought these set of nature shots were wonderfully done. Very colourful, and very uplifting. And sunshine all around too 🙂 I really like the second one – so many happy yellow flowers, and they look like the are reaching out to the camera, jostling each other to get in the front for the shot 😀

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    1. The second one is my favorite too and also the sunflower. I always love flowers from young and I’ve tried planting some but sadly I don’t have green fingers. Now my husband does the planting because he does have green fingers. However, he is more busy planting at his farm than our own garden so that’s why there’s only one loner rose in there. And thus, whenever I’m outside I always take the chance to take pictures. 😄


      1. Your husband really does sound like he knows what he is doing in the garden and on the farm. That loner rose in your garden is all the more precious and special it is 🙂 Generally I think I’m okay in the garden…recently, the plant my parents gave me to look after while they were on holidays survived 😀


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