Lost tips

Life without argument is like food without salt.  It will be tasteless.

The main thing is to argue responsibly and honorably.  No teasing, no degrading, no name-calling and no cussing.

Even in schools, we are required to teach kids about arguing.  However, we teach students tips on how to carry out a respectable argument.  We teach them how to argue professionally, with reasons and evidences.  And we teach them how to accept and respect others’ opinions.  We also teach them to give others a chance to voice out their beliefs, views and convictions.  We remind them to wait for their turns and not to interrupt when somebody is talking.  We teach them not to belittle others, nor be prejudiced or discriminatory. We teach them respect, honor and humility.  We make them realize that everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion and belittling others is wrong. We teach them to be humble.   We also coach them that human beings are infallible and they always make mistakes.  But that doesn’t mean we can trample their opinions nor degrade their honor.  We remind students that the purpose of an argument is not to win but to present one’s thoughts and opinions.  In my class, I use these self-made posters as reminders to my students during their group discussions and during group presentations:-

Well – enough said – I suppose the events of the last few months, especially the last week or so, are enough to make our kids unlearn all those things that we have taught our students about the tips of arguments.



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