I think each one of us has ever been clumsy at least once in our lifetime.  Especially when we are in a very tricky situation – for example when that secret admirer of ours is around us, when somebody we admire suddenly talks to us, when we are in a hurry, when we are nervous or when we are scared of somebody – we tend to be clumsy.  We move or do things in a very awkward manner, we drop things, we break things, we say the wrong things, we make a bad joke, we burn the food, we spill our drinks, we fall, we trip and many, many other clumsy things.

My family members have had a share of such clumsiness too.

Incident 1:

Once, my son, my daughter and I were in a cab, going home from school.  Upon reaching our destination, my son and I came out of our seats easily as we were seated near the doors where the pavement was (my son sat at the passenger seat in front and me at the back).  My daughter, who was seated at the traffic side of the door of the cab, had to slide to go to the other side of the door to get off.  Somehow, she had some difficulty sliding (because she was carrying a heavy bag plus books in her hands).  She sensed that the cab driver was impatient, so that made her more nervous and she scrambled hurriedly out of the cab.  In her haste, the shoe of her left foot came off and rested snugly in the cab.  She had to go in again and grab that stubborn shoe out of the cab and quickly closed the door.  Seeing her red cheeks, my son said to her, “Hey H, you think you’re Cinderella, leaving your shoe for Prince Charming?”  There was silence and then suddenly the three of us burst into laughter.

Incident 2:

I’m a slow walker compared to my son, my husband and my daughter.  It’s no wonder – the three of them are all above 1.65 m tall and are sports enthusiasts.  I’m not.

That day, we just finished attending a home-exhibition in Cairo and were walking towards our car which we had to park quite far away from the exhibition center.  My husband walked right in front to get away from the crowd, followed by my son and my compassionate daughter who always stopped regularly to wait for me.  I hated being the slow one so I tried to walk faster.  Well!  It was a disaster.  I tripped on something and fell flat on the grass.  It was so embarrassing.  And the irony was that when we were inside the exhibition hall, a fat, middle-aged lady fell down due to the heat and exhaustion and the bags that she was carrying splattered on the ground.  She was just standing beside me before she fell. My husband, son and some other people started to help gather her things while my daughter and I went to her and asked if she was ok.  Both of us tried to help her get up but with difficulty as I was on the thinner side and she was like triple my size.  However, with the help of another woman, we managed to help her up.  (Egyptian men generally don’t touch a woman, so my husband and other men stepped aside and just watched).  An official came over and asked if she was ok and she said she was just exhausted and hot. I was telling myself I wouldn’t want to fall in front of so many people ever.

well…… few minutes later, I did fall outside, in front of so many people……Talking about clumsiness……



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