Waiting for the Beauty of Autumn

It was a beautiful day last Sunday.  There was a lot of sunshine and the wind and the temperature were mild, compared to the past few cold and windy days.  We went to the West Hudson Park for a game of tennis.  It was a wonderful 20-minute walk from our home.  I wasn’t prepared to witness one of the first of many beautiful sights that America has promised me when I first came here.  The beauty of autumn.  Yes – I’ve seen many awesome pictures of autumn in the west in the internet and I am patiently waiting to see it here in the States.

In Singapore, we have summer all year round.  No seasons.  In Egypt, we do have 4 seasons but the autumn there is different compared to other parts of the world.  Mainly because many of its plants and vegetation are perennial so they don’t lose leaves.  The leaves of deciduous plants on the other hand, turn to dull brown and fall off. In the west, the leaves of deciduous plants turn yellow or/then red or the other way round and then they fall off.  I have yet to learn more about the climate, seasons, plants and vegetation of the different continents in the world.

These are some pre-autumn pictures of the park and from the surrounding area near our home.  What do you think?  The myriad of colors is simply gorgeous.  The last picture is my favorite.




9 thoughts on “Waiting for the Beauty of Autumn”

  1. Nice to hear from you! Always great to read and share from new places. I am from Northern Michigan and I can tell you that here, the color is absolutely gorgeous! Your blog is very nicely done and easy to read, I will be visiting again. I, on the other hand, am still finding my way around. Time and technology are two things I don’t have much of, but when time allows and when I can gain a data connection, I will add and edit and have another round of fun, it’s all just fun! Thanks for the look and have a great journey!!

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    1. Thank you for your nice comment. There are many beautiful places in the States that I would like to visit. Two of them are New Hampshire and New England. Michigan is reallllllly beautiful. I’ve seen pictures of her in the internet. Would love to visit it one day.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. The weekend’s coming. Enjoy.


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