Gone in a puff of smoke

One of the topics in Grade 8 English Language Arts textbook is ‘Persuasive Techniques in Advertisement’.  I love teaching this particular topic because we get to analyze a myriad of advertisements and identify the persuasive techniques used by advertisers to entice people to buy their products or to encourage people to stop certain bad behaviors or habits.

So during this particular lesson, I would get students to bring their own advertisements which they can get from newspapers, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or even print them from the internet.

We would then discuss the qualities that make a good advertisement, the propaganda behind each advertisement and the persuasive or advertising techniques used by the advertisers in the advertisements.

Of all the many advertisements brought by my students, those that encourage people not to smoke are my favorites.  The people who created these adverts are really creative and imaginative.  They really drive the message right to the brain and heart.

The Marlboro man


Transliteration of caption: “You will burn yourself and your country.”


It is also during these lessons that I will discuss with my students the dangers of smoking and how it will affect negatively on their lives, their family, their education and their future.  It’s really sad and disheartening to see so many people suffering from smoking.

Hopefully, the smokers will realize the peril they are causing to themselves and their families. And hopefully, the makers of cigarettes will also realize how immorally wrong their business is.  Maybe, Just maybe, one day, all the cigarettes in the world would be gone in a puff of smoke.


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