Bridge the gap

Bought this delicious and colorful cereal a few days ago.  Was happily enjoying my breakfast until I saw the back part of the cereal box.




Seriously??????  Call me conservative but do mothers really want their kids to play these games during breakfast time?  Especially number 4?  Are these really challenges or are we teaching kids that these behaviors are acceptable during breakfast time?  Let’s evaluate each and every ‘challenge’:

Challenge No. 1:  Would any parent want their child to eat from a spoon that the child has put on his/her nose or that has fallen on the table or the floor?  Would a mother have time to pick up the spoons?

Challenge No. 2:  No spilling?  What about messing the face?

Challenge No. 3:  Where’s the ‘No spilling’ condition?

Challenge No. 4:  Really?  Isn’t it rude and dirty?  ‘No spilling’?  I bet there will be lots of spilling and spurting.

Challenge No. 5:  Reasonable but is speed really important here?  Would you rather the child clean up properly or quickly?  Unless the mother doesn’t mind sweeping or wiping the floor after the child.

What are we teaching our children?  Letting children play during meal time should be a ‘no! no!’.  Children should be taught table manners, so that they eat properly, tidily and show respect to other people at the table or surrounding area. Would parents want their children to play these games when they are in the restaurants?  I bet not.

Advertisers really need to find better ‘games’ to bridge the gap between what is seriously wrong and what is acceptable.



2 thoughts on “Bridge the gap”

  1. I will now think thrice before buying this brand of cheerios. If low quality of the company and lesser care for the consumers (children in this case) are reflected on the package, then I am suspicious about the quality of the food inside. I have purchased cereal boxes with games but never carefully read the games in years. I will need to do that from now on. Thanks for bringing it to reader’s attention.

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    1. You’re welcome. You’re right about being vigilant on the quality of the food. We have to take care of the sugar content especially in cereals. I’ve tried a few here in the States. I find quite a number of cereals are way too sweet.

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