Animal Copycats

Back in 2008-2011, when I used to teach Science, there is this topic called Mimicry under the section Adaptation and Survival.  I love this topic very much because it explains how animals copy nature or other animals in order to survive.

Mimicry is different from camouflage.  Camouflage is just blending in with the environment with the animals having similar color, texture, shape or patterns as their surroundings.  This is done to avoid being seen by both their predators and prey (so that they can surprise their prey).

Mimicry is more than just blending in with the environment. It shows how smaller, defenseless animals copy the features of other bigger or more dangerous animals to fool their predators.  Mimicry serves more towards scaring off their predators rather than appearing invisible.

Mimicry are usually present in tiny insects as naturally, they are the delicious food for many bigger animals.  Of all the insects, I am particularly fascinated with the Mimicry of caterpillars and butterflies.  They are pure awesome and genius creatures.

Take a look at some of these pictures.  They are self-explanatory and the pictures speak for themselves.  (All pictures are from the internet.  I do not claim any rights to these photos).


And for the butterflies – their main defence is the presence of eyes on their wings.butterfly1butterfly3





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