We teachers often visualize a mythical classroom where the students are all intelligent, hardworking and well-behaved. So, we often come to class early in the morning with a happy and enthusiastic feeling, ready to impart the day’s knowledge.

But more often than not, midway through the lesson, we start to feel frustrated and flabbergasted, realizing that 1/4 of the class is starting to get on our nerves with their misbehavior, half of the remaining students class don’t understand what we have just explained to them while the other half is impatiently bored, waiting for us to roll out the next activity or assignment as they have already long completed the previous one.

Well, at times like these that we teachers wish that a unicorn flies down from the sky, swoops us on its back and brings us to the mythical world of the fairies and angels where we don’t have to worry about quizzes and assignments, students, parents and headteachers.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!





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