A Gentle Reminder

For those who are facing a rough patch in their lives, here’s a gentle reminder:


Know that God is always there to watch us all

Know that He sees you when you stumble and fall

Sometimes He wait and let you cry for a while

Before picking you up and bringing back your smile


This world is full of trials and tribulations

They hit the rich and the poor without hesitations

But don’t be discouraged because they are never permanent

Get up, move forward and don’t be despondent


Don’t be jealous of those who are ostentatious and famous

They are just flamboyant, vainglorious and never gracious

Deep inside they are never happy nor contented

In fact they are depressed because their hearts are dead


So just be grateful with your own private lives

Love your family and sincere friends that give you the drives

Happiness comes not from material, money nor fame

It’s waiting for you to unleash it if you know how to play its game

Happy Weekend Everybody



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