Pictures are worth a thousand likes

After actively blogging for 1 year plus now, I realize the ‘sad’ truth that people value pictures more than the content of a post. 

I’m never sore that I don’t receive as many likes as others and I’m not really looking for likes to my posts. I post because I love writing and I love sharing what I experience. I’m not much of a talker. I’m actually quite a quiet person. My family knows that and my husband at times complains and many times compliments me for that. So I’m happy and I don’t intend to change my personality. 

However, what I’m sad is that blogs which have lots of pictures especially selfies tend to be liked more by people even though the content is not good at all or there is no content at all. On the other hand, posts which have much better content and meaning receive fewer likes. Sometimes I’m guilty of this – not reading but just browsing – but I do try to read as much as I could. 

Maybe people are just too busy to read and just love to browse pictures. I don’t know. That’s okay. But I think we should support other WRITERS by reading their contents as we can get to learn lots of stuffs by reading other people’s stories and experiences. We get to share feelings and we get to empathize and sympathize with others who are faced with many life’s trials and tribulations. Sometimes people write because they are lonely and they need support from strangers because they couldn’t get the correct support from family or friends. 

So, Let’s support each other and our fellow friends and extend our hands of consolations. Just let them know that we have read their stuffs and no matter where they are they know that there is somebody from somewhere around the world cares about them and hears them. 
Do I make any sense?  No picture here. ๐Ÿ™‚

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