Vigor in kindness

Last Monday, my daughter came 1/2 hour late for her Math class at college.  The only available seat was right in front of the tutor and beside a male classmate (whom she has never spoken to before).  The class was copying something from the board.  While she scrambled to take her stationery out, the male classmate tore his notes paper from his book and shoved it to the side of his table and whispered to her, “This is what you missed.”  My daughter murmured ‘thanks’ and copied frantically the notes that she missed from his paper.  I thought it was soooooo sweet of him to do that to her.

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(Crap Taxidermy)

Today, she was early to class but fate has it that the same guy was late, almost 20 minutes. And fate also has it that there was an empty seat beside her (and the fact that the attendance list was also on the empty seat), so the guy took the seat, signed his name and started to take out his things.

Feeling obliged to do the same, my daughter tore off her notes paper from her book, shoved it to the side of her table and whispered to the guy, “This is what you missed.”  The guy said thanks and almost burst into laughter (but he stifled it so as not to break the silence of the room).  He did the ultimate thing.  Instead of copying frantically the notes that he missed (like my daugher did the week before), the guy took out his phone and took a screen shot of the notes.  Done.

Despite feeling foolish that she didn’t think of taking a screenshot of his notes the week before, my daughter still felt so elated that she was able to return the favor to him.

Such vigor in kindness is really commendable and worth mentioning.


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