Silent Protest



“I’m not going to do the report.  It’s stupid to analyze the result for every single test.  It’s time consuming and useless.  I will never use the report anyway.  It’s just for the record.  For the evaluation committe.  I’m not going to waste my precious time.  Doing all these reports will take valuable time from me.  I’d rather spend those times planning for my lessons and activities……..”

“Jenny….jennny…..are you listening to me?  Mrs. Hanley wants the report by tomorrow morning.  Otherwise our names will be in her ‘Black Book’….”  warned my friend Lisa.

“Oh okay!  Will do!”  I replied.

I dragged my feet listlessly towards the teachers’ room.  I wished Mrs. Hanley had telepathic powers.  I wished she had heard all those protests that were shouting in my brain……



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