An infinite number of water droplets is involved to make this rainbow,

An infinite number of opportunities is created every second you know.



Get out, seek out, don’t be intimidated by the fiery sun,

In time you will find the golden treasure, believe me it’s not a pun.


An infinite number of afflictions for sure you will face,

But an infinite number of solutions will help you win the race.

So go out and grab as many of the infinite opportunities,

You will never regret and you will live to tell others your success stories.


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      1. No dear. That’s what I thought too – that Egypt is desert-hot the whole year round. It has four seasons actually – just like the US. Now is winter and its extremely cold although the temperature in my area seldom goes below 7 degrees Celsius. Frankly, it’s colder here in Egypt at 7 degrees, than in New York when the temperature was -2 degrees a few weeks ago when I was there in New York.

        Egypt is an amazing place if you know where to go. Very rich in history, culture and gorgeous natural scenery.

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      2. Oh wow, I never would have thought the weather was like that there. It’s so interesting learning about different countries and cultures. It’s very necessary especially in this day and age when we tend to be stuck in our own personal bubbles, leading to ignorance. When I was moving from New Jersey to Texas as a little kid, I was scared we would ride horses to school and find cacti everywhere on the barren land. Boy, was I wrong. Classic story haha.

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