The prompt ‘timely’ is very timely indeed because I stumbled upon my son’s pocket watch or waist clock in his room the day before yesterday and I was dying to post about it.  This one, purchased in Singapore, was given to him by my husband on his recent visit to the country.  It may not be the most beautiful pocket watch in the world but I just love it.

For me, a pocket watch is one of the most beautiful, chic, ancient, classic, classy and useful accessories that a person could wear.


Image result for wearing pocket watch

Clocks or watches remind us about the importance of time.  I am not going to dwell on this topic because everybody knows it.  It was a timely gift to my son last year, who likes to waste his time playing games on his computer instead of hitting the books and prepare for his final high school exams.  “Procrastination is the thief of time” I would endlessly remind him but to no avail.  He claims he studies best under stress.  I can’t refute his argument because honestly, I work best under pressure too. My school can give me lots of deadlines to do reports, lesson plans, analyses, exams etc but normally I won’t start doing it early. Some people like to do things fast and early. Sometimes it’s not good because things and circumstances change and then you find yourself having to modify or change your report or analyses or whatever. So I normally start later and finish them at one go, foregoing my rest and sleep. It’s stressful, yes, but I realize working under pressure of deadlines brings out the best in me as I am more alert in thinking and more creative in solving problems. For all I know, maybe I have passed those genes to my son. 

Well, anyways, here’s a useful reminder to me and to all of us:

“There are two blessings which deceive many people: health and free time.”  (Prophet Mohamed – peace be upon him)

So people, take care of your health and fill up your free time with something useful will ya.


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