More crafts this year – for colleagues or just for the fun of it….

3-D Name labels for best friends

made on 17 January 2017 – to cheer a friend up

Simple vase made from strips of recycled glitter foams, paper kitchen towel roll, bamboo sticks

Poster for a colleague going on a medical treatment – signed by other colleagues


Sea-shell craft and a poem to cheer up a colleague

Dear A……..

What matters most is not the triumph but the struggle,

for life is not easy and we have to juggle.

The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well,

so be proud of yourself, your efforts are swell.

Keep on watering the plants and in time they will grow,

for a tree takes time to mature and one day you will reap the seeds that you sow.



3-D Pop-up card, a mask and huge foam heart for Mother’s Day celebration in school – all for a colleague’s daughter



I’ve done a few crafts over the years but unfortunately have lost the photos or never thought of taking photos during those times.  Sigh!

Spring Diorama

sprin diorama2 spring diorama


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